Sunday, September 7, 2008

Podcasting: A begining part 1

Which do you want to create? A podcast or a vodcast (video podcasting)? Are you wanting to tell someone something or show them something? What device do you think your audience has?

Podcasting is like a radio broadcast but with the ability to download with RSS ( Really Simple Syndication) feeds. Don't let the jargon scare you. There are a lot of names and acronyms in any subject topic whether you are a teacher, psychologist, or a technical person. Sometimes we think we want to create something because we hear it is the latest buzz, instead we need to go and see what is already being done and how and why we want to do. Just jump in after getting an idea.

Ok, so what is a podcast or vodcast or video podcast. Well it is a way to keep up with the latest by subscribing and downloading information on specific topics to your computer or whatever device you are using to be on the go. This might be a mp3 player, a ipod, blackberry or some other storage device where you can play and hear or see the casting.

Go to iTunes and see what people are doing or or other directories of podcasts. Many are finding podcast (free downloads) are a great way to advertise or show off who they are and what they have to offer.

There are programs like iTunes or Juice for making podcast Audacity another free program can help with recording and editing audio.

Hardware needs are a microphone with noise canceling so it doesn't pick up all the noise in the room and a computer. For the video you can use a Web Cam or get a video camera.

Next you need to make a plan

!st item
Who is your audience? Why are you making the show? What is the topic? Keep it simple
Remember this has to be easily download so keep it short.

Resources to get you going!

A place to post your video cast or photos is Upload UNLIMITED photos and videos to SmugMug! Free Trial.

Juice -
iTunes -
Audacity -

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Friday, August 22, 2008

August with a few words from Apprentice Storyteller

Start with screen writing or even digital storytelling. Search books and the web to see what is already being done and how you want to present your material to help others. There are many free software programs or hosting to get started. The biggest thing is to start or as they say, just do it!!!!

Celtx is a free program to get you started on telling a story. Character descriptions tags help get you on your way to describing and getting to know your characters. Creating dialog is easier once you know who the character is and what they are made up of and do they have chutzpah! - someone has created a blog to help and there are wiki's to help on using the program Discovery is a big part of learning and the Internet allows us to get lost finding so many things.

Finding music can be more difficult or create for Windows machines (adobe audition) or buy a Macs to use Garage Band where you can put together your own little band made up of different instruments. It can be useful to have both platforms for creating your stories, podcast, and video cast

At this point you can see you are taking off into becoming your own little production company with a need for knowledge of either programs or people who can help you create your stories. Video, web design, music, podcast, mp3, flash, powerpoints, ipods, mp3 players, blogs, websites, and many, many more ways to tell a story with multimedia.

Find the free places to start while you are practicing:, (rss), for hosting, for email, and so many places to use and search to help you on your way to storytelling.
for posting pictures and videos (10 min) that has unlimited storage for a small annual fee your photos are backed up in other states and protected depending on the level of service you decide to sign up for. Check it out.

Apprentice Storyteller