Sunday, March 28, 2010

How to Change Communication with Social Media

Social Media is leading the way into the future allowing more people to communicate and be social again. No front porch. Social Media has become our front porch. Our neighborhood. We pick our neighbors. We pick where we want to shop. We pick our reading. We learn online. We teach online.

We no longer want order takers. We want response. Rating books, videos, hotels, services, and writing we are helping each other. Facebook brought me into the social media communication during graduate school. Career counseling from Capella U. demonstrated using social media as a way to build your network and your portfolio with Facebook, Webpage, blog, and professional connections on Linkedin. Creating a Fan page on Facebook with a topic centric theme.

At Photoshop World Rod Harlan and Jeff Revell broaden the topic of social media of marketing yourself; to marketing your business by opening up communications. Companies who want to use social media to market their business need to realize as Rod stated: " If your product 'sucks', social media will not fix it". People are discarding junk. They are fighting back with rankings.

Twitter is part of the strategy with daily postings and/or links to focused topics from the Internet or material you've learned or tutorials to teach. Write your tweets as headlines. Giving is the key. What do you know that you can give and help others? Post your links using " " to shorten them and track clicks.

How do you keep up with all of this information? Suggestions mentioned at the PSW session:
  • Pull all your content or results to one place
  • iGoogle,
  • TweetDeck,
  • Follow blogs in one place with Google reader.
  • What are people saying about you? Search your name with Google blog.
Information on Social Media and communication is found on YouTube, Dogpile searches, your friends, and of course by communicating with others who are using these forms of media. Jump in. Start now. Build. Teach what you learn. Research and share. I have heard of people getting book deals or blogging jobs or other communication opportunities by being on social media.

Take your Photographs and set them to music and upload to YouTube. Tell a story. Communicate. Search the HDR section on Photography and see what others have done. California Dreaming by Eileen Ludwig