Saturday, March 20, 2010

How to Discovered Second Life by a Newbie

Researching and Learning Second Life to use in teaching online courses and discovering a whole new World. Finding many resources and knowledge among current colleagues and past graduate students. Knowledge and learning is available within the SL environment. One of the best ways to learn Second Life is to jump into the World called “inworld” by signing up for a free account and create your avatar and download the client application to explore the World.

There are a number of free things to do within the World and places to visit around the world while interacting with other avatar’s you meet.

Teachers abound in Second Life both as teachers and users Educators find the 3D world helps keep students engaged in learning

Women are part of making the World move and the field of building, construction, and architecture becomes open to women explorers

Computer programmers or graphic designers are making their way here and learning scripting to make the World respond. Virtual World Conferences bring together liked minded people for the 3rd annual conference

Video tutorials within the World and on YouTube and College websites help the beginners, begin.

Signup and become a discoverer, create your avatar or use customized ones to start with but begin, today!

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