Saturday, May 1, 2010

Facebook usernames for your profile and your pages

Facebook usernames enabled me to create

instead of!/pages/Eileen-Ludwig-Photography-Multimedia-Digital-Art/114000268638867 

For your facebook profile you can do it: BUT once you set it, it cannot be changed. Some names are already gone.

Adding pages to your profile for your hobby or business or art is easy Get 25 fans of your page by having them LIKE the page to be eligible to pick a usernames

You can decide on a badge for your page and use it elsewhere to point people back to your facebook page

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Charlene said...

I actually did set up my Facebook name to go along wi my blog, but just really never promote the link. Mainly I use Facebook for family & friends stuff.... But at least I have it set up if I ever decide to use FB for more blog promotion.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!